The demand for Virtual Assistants in 2018. what are VAs doing for the most important organizations?

As the year goes, we reflect on another busy year for Virtual Assistants where demand for their multiple services has gone from strength to strength. Indeed, this situation will continue to grow with some skill sets particularly in demand: Writing skills, good social media management as well as marketing proficiency. Besides these, there are other key areas predicted to be in demand from Virtual Assistants in 2018 and next year: 2019.

It is crucial for companies, and entrepreneurs, to understand at least some of the reasons of this phenomenal increase in the demand of VAs in a worldwide spectrum. The main goal is to be able to know how to hire the perfect VA to learn how to perform several different skills.

A Virtual Personal Assistant tasks and skills could be an endless list, but today we want to share with you some of the most valuable facts about it. Let’s take a glimpse of the predicted latest trends of Virtual Assistance industry:

1. A rise in competition

2018 has seen an increase in small scale online businesses as more and more individuals are taking their career initiative as entrepreneurs. This rise in competition calls for more management proficiency on the part of business owners to streamline their work processes.

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2. The trend of cost-cutting strategies

Businesses would continue to frame strategies for cutting down costs while enhancing productivity, not an easy duty! But Virtual Assistance services would be more profitable here as business owners need not pay any benefit to such employees. Additionally, they also don’t have to bear expenses like travel cost, internet bandwidth, rent, etc.

As estimated, opting for VA services can be a savings of around 20% – 40% in business expenses.

3. Blogging

The recent boom in blogging that has gripped all industries is set to continue and is the perfect task to outsource to a Virtual Personal Assistant.

4. Flexible working style

With increasing work pressure, long hours on laptops and strenuous daily commute taking a toll on people’s health; flexible working has emerged as a more convenient choice, giving profitable outcomes to businesses.

5. Senior workers

Virtual working is allowing workers to continue working past retirement age around the world. This is becoming a necessity for some who are finding themselves with inadequate pensions and is a trend set to continue in the forthcoming years.

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