Time Management When Serving Multiple Clients.

Time management is one of the most important skills to have as a virtual assistant. You are more likely to be working with more than one client and they all will want to have a piece of your time. So, It’s really important to learn how to manage it otherwise, you will find yourself missing client deadlines every now and then.  Which is, of course, very bad for business.


That is why today our consultants have gattered 5 keys to improve your time management:

1. Have Meetings at the End of the Day or Late Friday

According to multiple studies, most people are productive 5 hours after waking up. That means this time is the best one for you to do productive work instead of having unending meetings. In this case, the best time to schedule a meeting would be at the end of the day this is also a good chance to have a break and chill while you speak your mind during the meeting.

(These timings are sometimes not practical because a virtual assistant might be working in a time zone different from the client’s. If that is the case, you need to organize the most appropriate time for both of you to have a meeting.)


2. Batch Your Tasks in Your Calendar

Batching the tasks that belong to one customer is the best thing you can do especially if you are getting orders from several clients. By doing this you will have better control of all the tasks you are doing also to give higher priority to the task that is more important.


3. Create Some Time to Market Your Work

Attending to your existing clients is all good and nice but if you don’t market your skills as a virtual assistant you will soon find yourself without a client. A good example of this would be, setting one day of the week or even weekends to market your skills by raising your assistant profile and creating new relationships with local areas or the internet.


4. Try to Meet Your Clients Physically

As we know most of VA’S communication happens online, it is absolutely important to get a feel of the client by meeting them physically. You will get a better idea and perception of who are you dealing with by speaking to them face to face.


5. Share Your Skills with your team!

It’s always nice to discover a new trick of doing things, and even better is to share with your team, it’s an easy way to acquire more knowledge, new techniques, and be more efficient.

Take these 5 tips into consideration and let us know how it goes!

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